ganingrene (ganingrene) wrote in the_fang_gang,

Man Vamps rock

Dude I would so want to be a vampire...because they are fucking awsome. The way they talk so calm, firm, and so confident of their control over people...I want that. I want to get a vamp jacket but they cost to much. Also vampire sex sounds cool. All that biting and tranfering of blood,cool shit. Plus they are madd sexy you never see a ugly
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lol well... I've seen a few in my day but hey... Sometimes they just can't 1. always hire all sexy actors/actresses and 2. can't control who is a Vmpyre so... I've seen some butt ugly Vamps...
awh man that sucks..I see hot vamps on Marks place all the time...never a ugly one. LoL but I believe you...
lol The ugly ones only come out at night... or for the Parties... lol...