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I am a Vampire [entries|friends|calendar]

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[03 Feb 2005|08:07pm]


Hey Don't be confused... Just because it says "Halloween", WE know it's for all they day's of the year... So Get your pair now! At $50 a pair, your set... Also check out www.geocities.com/pyro_fireeater for pics of more fangs and stuff about me...


NYC Only!!!
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come [29 Jul 2004|03:48pm]

My freind used to beleive in vampires when she was younger and on her window it says "come" because she wanted vampires to come to her.
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[28 Jul 2004|02:11pm]

[ mood | blah ]

well hey, you have more members in your community than i do in mine : www.livejournal.com/community/vampirebite

can anyone tell me the correct order you're meant to read the vampire chronicals in?

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Greetings [27 Jul 2004|11:33am]

[ mood | tired ]

This group seemed interesting, so here I am. I guess you would call this introduction. My LJ name should have been falling_silently, but alas, the y did not fit. How sad. Most people just call me Fallen, for many many reasons. In anycase, I am looking forward to speaking with you all.

valete ut cura,


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Man Vamps rock [26 Jul 2004|11:41pm]

Dude I would so want to be a vampire...because they are fucking awsome. The way they talk so calm, firm, and so confident of their control over people...I want that. I want to get a vamp jacket but they cost to much. Also vampire sex sounds cool. All that biting and tranfering of blood,cool shit. Plus they are madd sexy you never see a ugly vamp...lol
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no one [26 Jul 2004|03:26pm]

[ mood | sad ]

God people are mean on the internet. I gess no one wants to join. Man I just wanted a place to talk about Vampires but no ones here. I suck. I couldnt find a place. Then I did yesterday which sucks cuase I allready made mine. and I tryed to make it my best fuck assholes!

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First entry [22 Jul 2004|04:59pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, no members yet. Oh but their will be. This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands. Kara! where are you! Come out, come out where ever you are. I had another comunity but I though the fang gang sounded much better so I made a whole new one.

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